How to download youtube videos without softwares in the title, its very possible to downoad any video of your choice from youtube(which allows you to stream only) as a result, you no more need to ask how to download videos from youtube without any app or software because this post has it all!
How you do it is;
go to, Select the video of your choice and then a new page will be opened,
Go to the address bar you will see a link(an URL) there, put 'ss'(without the quotes) after the http:// for example if the URL you have there is you change it to and load the page. After doing that, it will take you to a new site, Now in the new site select the video version of your choice and download.
After selecting the video of your choice from Youtube, you copy the link of that video,
question is how do you copy the link of the video?, you do that by going to the address bar and copy everything there, example if its you copy it exactly as it is.
After copying the entire link you go straight to Save From Net using this link and you'll be provided a box to type in the link of the video you want to download.
Now at this point, you paste that link you copied earlier in the box(the entire link as I told you earlier) after pasting it click on go. The next page will be the page you'll be selecting the video format of your choice and you'll select and click download. That's all! which ever procedure you choose.
That's it..good luck
don't forget to share this with your friends because many people are in need of it and that's what i use.

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