5 Best Free Antivirus Apps for Android

Android is a huge platform in the mobile operating system markets and has large number of Android phones producing  companies and this popularity garners securitu threats for Android users,and as such developers are bringing up more security apps. As a result, Legitstuffs has brought you the list of the five best Android anti-virus apps so you can download and get your devices protected..here we go;

1. Trust Go Antivirus app for Android

Trust GO is the Best free Antivirus Android ap
in terms of protection and usability. This securi
app got the first place in AV-Test with 100%
protection rate for Android mobiles


Security Scanner - Provides On-demand Sc
and Schedule scan. By choosing this scan
option, you can scan mobile phones, table
memory cards to find and remove Virus,
Malware, Spyware and trojans PLUS risky
Secure App Search - Has SAFE ( Secure A
Finder Engine) to search and download ap
that are safe. TrustGo alerts you before
downloading bad and risky apps.
Secure Web Browsing - you will get a
notification, When you have open the
malicious and phishing sites in your mobi
Supports Default Android Browser, Google
Chrome and Dolphin Browser.
System Manager - You can track your
phone’s data usage, battery consumption
and memory usage.
Privacy Guard - protects your privacy by
showing the permissions, you have given t
the apps in your mobile.
Data Backup - Store, backup and restore
your phone’s data securely in the cloud.
Device Protection - Remotely locate your
phone (Find My Phone), lock it, set off an
alarm, or securely wipe your data and
personal information if your phone is lost or
Get Trust Go anti-virus here

2. AVL by Antiy Labs

AVL is the mobile antivirus product from Antiy
Labs. This security app got the second place in
AV-Test with 100% protection rate for Android

Features :
This app hasn’t provide any Advanced features
like Anti-Theft (Remote-Lock / Remote-Wipe /
Locate): Locate, Lock or Wipe your device when i
is lost or stolen. It simply provides the Virus
detection and removal tools for you.
Comprehensive Detection: AVL SDK Mobile
Antivirus scans many file formats that
include  APK, SIS, SISX, XAP, and CAB. It can als
detect executable files such as DEX, ELF, EPOC
and PE.
Efficient Detection : It has efficient virus
detection algorithms, that works much faster
than any other device with less power and basi
resource. So it won’t reduce your battery power
while scanning the system.
Strong Support System: This app can
analyze more than 10,000 samples per day
and provide 24*7 signature update services. So
your mobile will have latest detection capability
of malicious codes.

Get AVL here

3. Bitdefender: Mobile Security
Bitdefender Mobile Security provides the total
protection for your Android device. It effectively
scans and remove the virus, prevents data theft
and Tracks your phone against theft. You can
download this for free of cost, but you have to
subscribe for $9.99/year after 14 days trail.
Malware Scanner - Bitdefender  protects you
against from 99.8% malware programs.
Application Audit - If any app try to install in
your device with out your knowledge, Bitdefend
will alert you about this
Web Security - When browsing websites using
Chrome and Android’s default browsers, it gives
the real-time protection.
Anti-theft – Bitdefender has the bunch of tools
to send SMS Commands, Lock, Track and Wipe
your Data if your mobile is lost or theft.
Get Bitfender mobile security here

4. Lookout Security and Antivirus
Lookout protects you against all the bad stuff
that can happen to your phone or tablet, like
viruses, loss, and theft. Lookout gives you the
best chance at finding your lost phone or tablet.
You can find your phone on a Google Map, and
make it scream if it’s on silent, and see your
phone’s last known location. You can also get a
email with picture and location of anyone who
tries to unlock your android device.
Premium Service : $2.99/month Antivirus
Features :
SECURITY & ANTIVIRUS : Lookout protects you
from the bad stuff – like malware and viruses –
that can slow down your phone or make
unauthorized charges to your wireless bill with
over-the-air, real-time updates. It removes
viruses and spyware from the apps, Email
attachment and system files. It has schedule
scan feature to scan you phone with the
predefined time.
Find My Phone : Lookout gives you the best
chance to find your lost or stolen Android
phones and Tablets.
BACKUP & RESTORE : Lookout backs up all your
personal data such as Contacts ,documents from
your phone to online cloud. You can easily
restore it from Lookout.com
Get lookout here

And last but not the least.

5. Avast! Mobile Security

Avast! mobile security gives you the better
protection. It scans your phone and memory car
and removes the Bad stuff and has the USSD
Blocker Protection.

Features :
Antivirus : It scans the apps when you launch i
first time. Other than this, It performs on-
demand scans in your phone and SD Card.
Web Shield & Site correct: It includes USSD
Blocker and scans every URL and blocks it if the
URL is Infected. it corrects the mis-typed URL.
SMS/ Call Filtering : It blocks the calls and
SMSes, if it comes from the filtered contact, you
have already selected.
Anti Theft : Gives you remote control via SMS o
Web (cell phone tracking, activate siren, memor
wipe, etc.).
Get avast here

There are many others both those are the top 5, now tell us your experience  with those security apps on the comments below, thanks..

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Antivirus is very important specially for the machine on witch we used internet or save important data to kept safe.

make Computer high speed

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Yes! Nancy you're definitely right about that, any device wether phone or pc that's connected to the internet requires an antivirus, not just any anti-virus but a good one.
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