Droidwall; how to protect your device and data with it.

Bringing you another android tip,Especially for those new Android users, you know when you get an Android phone your data bundle seems to vanish into thin air with you knowing how it was used, yes these things happen, this is as a result of some apps in your phone that requires data all the time and are always online which means when ever your phone is on its also online sending and receiving informations and data thereby draining your data, some of these apps are google playstore, google map, your Whatsapp, BBM and some other apps including free games and free apps which the developers use advertising to make their money. In order to curb this and protect your device, you need a firewall app, there are so many firewall apps but the most preferred one is the one am introducing you to, which is Droidwall, its a firewall app that let's you block some apps from accessing the net with out you knowing. Its an easy to use app, you download it, install then make your preferences, and blocking the unwanted apps. NOTE This Droidwall app requires root access on your Android, which means your device has to be rooted. When using, Becareful the apps you're blocking because if you block your Whatsapp you will not be able to chat with it, likewise if you block any other essentiall apps that requires internet access you'll also not be able to use its internet features. So make your choices wisely, preferably yoy should block apps and games with adverts, but know that you're blocking the developer's source of income. If you have root access Download the app here Comment let me hear from you in how this app is.

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