How to convert videos/audios to any format with this app on your Android.

The other time i dealt on word processing specifically how to scan documents with your Android(click here if you missed it) this time its video and audio.. lets go Have you ever seen an interesting video/audio which you would like to watch/listen on your Android device but the video/audio is in a format not supported by your device and your laptop or pc is not close to do the converting?.. so you think everything is gone? way, with your Android device(phone/tablet) you can convert any video/audio file to your desired format with this app am introducing you to.The  app is called Media converter, it converts all file formats to popular formats like mp4, 3gp, mp3 etc. Its easy to use just download and install it, select your desired file to convert and you get started..So no much talking I'll just provide you the app here so you'll not have to go to Google playstore to get it. Download it directly from here Comment and tell your experience..

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