How to test a paid application on google play before buying

This is a bit lengthy but try to read it all inorder to get every piece of info released. Most people like me who use alot of useful apps will want to download apps from Google playstore but unfortunately there are price tags on the apps, and nobody will want to spend their hard earned money on an app/game and at the end it becomes a waste. In this Android tip, am going to show you a way out(actually provided by the big man Google). A way out, i mean this time you'll be able to test the app within the time limits provided by Google. There are two methods involved; the 15 minutes method and the 48 hours method I'll take them one by one. 1. the 15 minutes method In this method, Google gives 15 minutes as the time limit, but in general all apps/games or anyother item purchased from Google Play store can be returned and order for refund of money be made within 48 hours but it is with a long process(though I'll deal with that later on). Now back to base, what you do is select the paid/game/anything of your choice (excluding mp3s, images, wallpapers or anything that can be previewed because refund for them don't work). After selecting, pay for the app/game install and run(test) it(the testing should not exceed 15 minutes, but if it does there's a way out) after running the app, if you discover that you don't like the app or its performance you go back to google play, go to your app list, select the app, click uninstall and refund and you're done! That's it, not hard.
2. the 48 hours method In this method you don't have to be as time conciouse as you were using the other method stated above and those who ran out of time using that method can now use this method to finish up. Let's go, what you do is download the app test it, if you don't like it or seen a reason for refund(but make sure its within 48 hours if not nomore! will any method work), login to your Playstore account(with PC) using this link usually your normal google account then goto the item you want to refund click report a problem from options given to you, select ' I’d like to request a refund' then fill the reason why you'd like to request a refund. Done! Note Normally Google refunds back your money but I can't guarantee it works 100%. Comment below let others know how it went with you

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