Apps and games you should stay away from and why

In this post I'll be outlining some types of apps or games every Android user should stay away from, though this is applicable to not only Android users but every mobile phone users, I'll be concentrating on Android users because of some reasons. These days so many apps and games are floating around on the internet both paid and free ones, and the developers of these apps might have good intention while some others have bad intentions for developing the apps, so in this post I'll talk about some you shouldn't think of downloading(though I'll not mention any specific app) 1. Apps and games that require FULL internet access Apart from social media apps and browsers I don't think any(though I mean some, you can be selective) app that wants to use your internet access should be installed on your device, you know why? These apps completely depends on your data subscription which means when ever you are using them your data is going down(this might not be a big problem) unless you're on Wi-Fi. When your browsing/internet speed is not high it might slow your phone and even low your battery quickly than ever and you'll probably never get the best out of that app. The next one is your privacy which is the most important, many of these apps and games are used for some illegal activities, you know the internet can be used for good and bad, so the developers of such apps(not all) did it in such away that some of them will bring back infos like contact details and some others to them while you're using them. 2. Free apps with adverts Free apps and games that come with adverts are not ideal for anyone to download though some have little or no negative effect on you and your device, these adverts are used to generate income for the developers(which is a good thing for them) but these advertisers don't care about the functioning of the apps, all they want is the adverts served to you no matter what. And as a result these games and apps secretly scans through your device to know the kind of apps and games you like and the services you also like so their advertisers will be able to serve you things you'll be tempted to click on, that's why some times you see some interesting adverts and you wonder how did they know, not only do they advertise while you're using them but also sending you offline adverts. Annoying. Am not saying what they do is totally bad but it is breaching of our privacies which is the most important thing.
3. Utility apps like some anti-virus I'll hardly believe that any free anti-virus really works. Yes many if not all don't work at all. Let me share an experience, some time ago when Nokia S40 phones were the main phone then, Android was nowhere, in a quest to get a working anti-virus app I stumbled on one that claims it cleans everything, I used it to my amazement this so called anti-virus was giving me tens of millions of virus present everyday in my phone but my phone works perfectly well with no problem. So with this you'll know that many if not all are fake, they just give you outrageous figures so I'll advice if going for any one go for paid ones if you don't have a little money to spend go for their demo versions. But still before going for any one make sure you do a very good research on them before using them before you lose some amount of money and infest your device with something you'll never like. 4.Battery savers I can authoritatively tell you that no battery saver saves battery charge for you. Why?. Ok, how can an app that stays on 24/7 on your device save battery? What they do is clear background apps which if these apps are important they start-up again on their own. The thing I know these self acclaimed battery savers are good for is to give outrageous figures as the time left before your phone battety runs down, you'll see something like 22hrs 15 minutes even when on 3G and you know your battery is a 1400mAh li-ion battery. 5. RAM expanders When ever I see this name I smile, you know why one of my relatives was ones a victim of RAM expanders, these apps just messes your phone up, slows it and some times delete some important stuffs during their setup, and i think its not ideal for anyone to use because in the case of my cousin's, when he switches on his phone, the phone will boot/load for more than or close to twenty minutes, almost rendering the phone useless. summary; anytime you want to download any app or game I'll advice you go to Google play store, click on that app and read the comments and reactions of people who used it, by so doing you'll know how the app functions. Apart from these ones mentioned I think there are some I didn't mention, you can share your thoughts and other bad apps on the comments below.

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