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I updated this post because some of these are not working so am adding the new method I've been using for sometime now. So the new method is a the ending part of this post.
Some time ago I wrote an article on how to download videos from Youtube without any app/software(look at it here if you missed).Today am concentrating on how to skip/bypass adverts during/before download. If you're someone who download a lot of stuffs from some blogs and sites, you'll notice that before your download starts, there will be an advert sometimes surveys which will eat up your some and sometimes at the end you couldn't download anything, and I guess that's so anoying, but there's a way out for you to download straight from that blog/site with out wasting any minute or partaking in any survey. Here's how you go about it;
first method Once you get to the download page on the site, copy the link of that survey/advert or the link of that page go to , paste it(the copied link) in the box provided then you hit the Deadfly button, waite for some seconds, you'll see the direct download link will be provided to you.. you're good to go.
second method In this method you don't have to go to anysite all you do is change some things in the adlink of the page. In the link change http:// to https:// at the begining of the link and click go/ enter, or if the link is something like this add v1. to it at the beginning, i.e change it to
Like I said in the update notice above I've using this for sometime now but due to somethings I've not been able to update this post.
Now the new method is copy the advert link exactly as it is, example if it's copy it as it is.
Then go to www, in this site you'll see a space to paste the link and click Deadfly under the box.
After the above, the true link will be provided to you.
good luck and don't forget to share with your friends because many people I repeat many people need this! And that's why this blog is existing!
You are good to go. If there's any issue don't hesitate to comment below and also share your views with others.

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