ES file explorer and its function

 Es file explorer

Last time I wrote on how to save .apk file from playstore and if you read through the post you'll notice that ES file explorer is vital in doing that.
So in this post I'll be introducing you to this important Android app; ES file explorer and so many things it can be used to do.
First you might ask, what is ES file explorer? Well, it is a file explorer just like everyother Android file explorer you probably know of. But this Explorer is not just like them but it is by far better than anyother file explorer for Android.

why ES file explorer ?
1. It comes with text editor
ES file explorer comes with an inbuilt text editor, which means you no longer need to download any text editor because with Es file explorer, you can edit and read text files.

2. It comes with a media player
It comes with a media player that plays, both videos and audio files in almost every file format as a result making it easier for you to play what ever media file without downloading any media player.

3. It has an SDcard analyst
The app goes through your SDcard tells you what and what is 'feeding' on your SD space from the largest to the smallest.

4. Remote manager
Awesome! ES file explorer has a remote manager which works with your device' WLAN making it easier for you to manage your phone using your PC through your this remote manager. As result you'll not need to download any app that will help you doing that because ES explorer is available to you.

5. Root explorer
For those who are good in tweaking their device anyhow they want, ES explorer is one of the few file explorers that has root access of your device(you'll to get your device rooted before using this feature).

6. Download manager
Just like your IDM on PC, this explorer offers you the same function as that your internet download manager, with this download manager, you just need to copy the download link of what you want copy it and paste on the dialogue box provided and hit download. it also shows you your download speed on your Android while downloading.

7. FTP This app gives you direct link to connect with your FTP servers directly from your Android without the need of a PC.

8. Cloud storage
This is one of the most awesome functions of ES file explorer, giving you direct linking with your various cloud storage servers like Ubuntu, Dropbox, Yandex, and Googledrive itself with a host of other cloud storages aswell, and that means you don't need to download the various apps of these cloud storage services all you need is ES file explorer.

Note; this app is completely free so no one is charging you a dime not even the developers.
Apart from these features I mentioned above there are many more, so in order to get access to this features download ES file explorer apk here

Share your comments and your experience with this app here using the comment option below.

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