How to launch an app from anywhere on your Android

The way the Android OS is built makes it easier for an Android user to say he's superior to a user of other mobile OS, and this is because of the possibilty of customizing your device to almost anyhow you want it.
Some of the things involved in customizing your Android device include; custom rom, change of the boot logo, and also this very one; launching of any app from anywhere on your Android.
When I say anywhere I mean; you can be using another app, let's say opera mini and you'll like to do some calculation using your calculator, you no more need to tap your home key, then your menu before you swipe and swipe inorder to navigate to your calculator. But this time, all you do is; drag down your notification bar and tap on your calculator app.
Now, imagine how many seconds or minutes in some cases this has saved you!. That's awesome!
Ok let's get to business
Bar launcher apk, Android how to notification,

Bar Launcher is one of the most rarely used apps probably because its not as old as some others but what this app does is way more than good.
You might wonder; 'what is this that it does?'
This app installs a bar on your notification board, this bar you can optimize as you want. In this bar is contained you favorite apps or any app you want incase you'll like to use, in my case I use the calculator and dictionary frequently. After setting your apps there you can launch them from anywhere without going the long way.
How to use Bar Launcher
You'll have to download the app install and launch, you'll definitely see a blank(empty) screen like the one below
Bar launcher apk, Android how to notification,

Once you've launched it and seen this screen, what you do is click on the '+'(plus) sign at the bottom right area, after that there will be a list of your apps, so inorder to make any of your app appear on the notification bar for easy launching next time, you tap on the app, once you do that, that particular app you tapped will disappear from ths list(and will appear on that page that was empty), so you do the same to each and every app you want to appear on the notification board(the limit is eight apps) if by mistake you tapped on the wrong app, all you need do is swipe it away.
You can arrange the apps the way you want them to appear(I mean in the order, normally the ones on the top list appear first) so you drag them to rearrange them.
After doing your arrangement and all the rest, you're now set to enable Bar Launcher so it'll appear on the notification board, to do that you tap on the toggle at the top right area your apps are now on the notification bar.
You might also want to add multiple rows so as to put the apps in groups, all you do is press the menu botton and select 'Add rows' and you'll add the apps the way you did it above.
Note; this app requires Android 4.0 and above and that's the only downside it has.
So now download Bar Launcher apk here from the playstore
Now you're done, start launching your favorite apps from anywhere on your screen. You see its as easy as that.
Do you know this app has now saved you money?... did you ask how?
Well it has saved you time and they say 'time is money'
Maybe a second equals 1$, I don't know anyway figure it out.
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