How to play psp games on your Android

Its been a while since I posted anything on Android games, the last time was Frontline Commando 2 , that awesome Android game, you can read the instructions from that link and also download the game.
This time am also writing on Android games though not actually Android games but psp games on Android.
Some people who love psp games so much and due to some reasons may not own a PSP will miss those favorite psp games, but know it that the openness of Android has made it not to be a problem, Because you can now play your favorite psp games on your Android device.
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Psp games

What am I talking about?
Its the ppsspp emulator for Android (some people also call it psp emulator for Android) This app or specifically emulator has made it possible for you to play all your favorite psp games on your Android.
No much talk...
How you go about it is; download this free Android app; ppsspp emulator from here
After downloading and installing this psp Android emulator (don't be disturbed by the different names I call it).
You download your favorite psp game, place it were ever you want.
Then you launch the ppsspp emulator, go to games, and locate the game were you stored it.
NOTE:The psp games to be downloaded must either in CSO or ISO format.
You might wonder were to download your free psp games,free psp roms ppsspp roms. But that's not a problem, you can go here for your psp games and psp roms or better still request for a particular psp game using the comment option below.
Note; some of the psp games might be slow on your android device, this probably is as a result of your phone/tablet's specification because the app requires high end Android devices, am not saying it won't work on a lower end device! It'll surely work but may result in some lags.
Share your experience using the comment option below and you can also request for your favorite psp games or psp roms and it'll be uploaded.

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