How to use two phone numbers for whatsapp

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Have you ever thought of that?. How to use two phone numbers for whatsapp on your phone?
It used to seem impossible till something came out from a developer from xda-forums, I tell you, those guys are doing a great job, I mean they're great!.
This guy, modified the official whatsapp and named it OGWhatspp. And definitely, this will come in handy for those who use dual-sim Android phones like me!. Note; it'll also work on single-sim devices but I'll explain that at the end.
So, with this OGwhatsapp you can use two phone numbers for your whatsapp on one phone.
Now, enough of the intro...
requirements An Android phone running Android 4.0 and above(too bad some people will not get the feel)
Two phone numbers(your formal and the new one)
OGwhatsapp(read on to know what it is)
How to use two phone numbers on whatsapp
first you download and install OGwhatsapp apk file, I'll provide the link at the end of the post.
1.;after the above,You create/make a back-up of your messages(if you care about them, if not you can still leave it out)
2.; after creating the back-up, you go to your SDcard look for the whatsapp folder and rename it OGWhatsapp(i.e it is usually written Whatsapp you'll change it to OGWhatsapp)
3.; Then, you clear data from Your original whatsapp, how you do it is; go to settings, to apps(i.e installed apps) then click on whatsapp, a new window will be opened, you tap on clear data
After doing all the above, you go to the official whatsapp app and verify the new number you want to include in your whatsapp. Then your old number of which you're already using will be verified using OGwhatsapp.
The last part might be confusing. What I meant is; after the step 1 to 3, you go to your normal whatsapp which by now has nothing in it(i.e no number and contacts) it'll prompt you to input and verify your number, then you'll input the new number and verify it. After verifying it, you go to OGwhatsapp(which you must have installed as well) it'll also give you the same prompt as the one above, but this time you'll verify your former/original number(i.e the number you were using before).
After all the verification is done, you'll now have two whatsapp logos on your home screen(or where ever) of which one is the original whatsapp and the other is OGwhatsapp.
OGwhatsapp apk, OGwhatsapp Android, OGwhatsapp download, how to use two phone numbers on whatsapp

Like I said earlier this tip/trick sounds like its for dual-sim devices(yes! Of course, because it'll be easier with a dual-sim device) but if your device is a single-sim phone/device you can also use this tip, what you'll have to do is make sure! during verification the two sims you're about to use are live! I mean make sure they're active in any device of your choice. That is, if you like you put your old/original sim on your whatsapp device and the new one on another phone.
You might ask why?
And I'll say its for verification, so you'll be able to recieve call or text message used in verifiying your phone number.
Now, download OGwhatsapp apk here
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14 June 2014 at 05:59 delete

I did everything but it installed haploid instead of of wgatsapp

14 June 2014 at 07:53 delete

Am very sorry, Mr. Solomom Ajolor, but I've updated the download link, try download it again. thanks for passing by and dropping your comment and don't forget to share with friends and subscribe this blog.


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