how to translate languages with your android

Imagine you stumbled on an interesting book, newspaper or anyother written work but you couldn't read it because it was/is written in a foreign language, how frustrating it could be! When stuck in such kind of situation, that's when this come to your mind; 'HOW TO TRANSLATE A FOREIGN LANGUAGE WITH YOUR ANDROID' So have you ever wondered if it's possible to translate with an android device?, It might sound a bit impossible but with technology nothing is impossible and today I'll prove it in this aspect. I'll be introducing you to a free app that will do that perfectly well with no hassle. Yea it's a free app!

This free app am talking about is Word Lens Translator, it'll automatically translate a foreign text to your preferred language(lets say english) with the help of your device' camera once you hover your android device(phone or tablet) over the text written in the foreign language, Unlike so many other apps Word Lens Translator doesn't require any internet connection to do this, so its just download, install and use. You can get it here from the Google playstore, After downloading and installing Word Lens Translator on your device, open it, it will introduce you to its features and also tips to help you know what to expect from it. I'll advice you follow all it tells you for the best result.

When done with the above you'll be taken to the app itself and it will start capturing video and during this process it'll ask you if its good, be sure the video its showing is clear and its not rotated, if its ok, you press 'Looks Good' and if its not ok you press 'Needs Rotation'.

After that, it will ask you to select your preferred language that you want it to translate from and to. that is, if you're having a text written in spanish and you want to read it in english you select spanish to english and same with the reverse.
If you followed all the above, you're now set to use Word Lens Translator in translating from a foreign language to your preferred. Just hover your phone/tablet over a text written in the language you seleted above and watch it do the magic for you. During this process/stage, if you encounter anything like poor translation performance, try keeping the camera steady and fixed and/or try using your device in a landscape mode (or portrait if it was already in landscape). If you still encounter a little problem tap the zoom symbol(that's the magnifying glass button) and you'll get a more acurate translation. NOTE: This app works perfectly well with large text in standard fonts. Some other awesome features of the app
-Apart from the use of the camera in translating, you can aswell make use of the app's dictionary to quickly translate any word by tapping the notebook option. And lots more. Thats all you need to start translating texts from a foreign language to your preferred. Now that you've gotten the information and tip you need, start translating now!
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