Download UC browser 9.8 for Android with new features and faster download

This is the latest version of uc browser.
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UC browser which has been around for something now, right from the reign of nokia S40 and S60 devices down till now.
But it has not accumulated much popularity and great functions as it now does.
Formerly Opera mobile browser use to be the king while UC browser(some times called UC web browser) and some others were playing the runners up. But today its almost an entirely different thing altogether.
I'll not have to bore you with intro..
UC browser was recently updated especially for the Android users, this new version which is UC browser 9.8 has come with lots of function making your surfing the internet easy and simple with lots of functions which makes UC browser worthwile.
These functions includes add-ons just like everyother top browsers,of which those top browsers have many limitations for mobile users.
new functions The new functions that are now made available in the new UC browser 9.8 includes;
1.; custom wallpaper and theme
This function adds to the fact that you can customize your device the way you want, not only in the conventional home screen of your device but also on your browser. This means you can have your picture(or what ever picture) used as the theme and background picture in UC browser even though you can also download some provided by them(if you wish to)
2; page preloading
Even though this feature has been around on uc web broswer for sometime but it has never been fast as it is now. For example, when you do a google search while you're on the first page of the results brought to you, the next page is loading, same with Facebook and many other sites, making browsing the internet easier and faster.
3; screenshot
Imagine when you're on a page and you saw a nice picture you'll like to download but the site doesn't support download, then this comes to your mind. The UC screenshot add-on enables you to take the screenshot of any page within UC browser without needing any app.
how to take screenshot on UC browser 9.8 if you want to take screenshot on this latest UC browser, you tap on the box(it has a plus '+' sing on it) at the top right corner. once tapped on a rectangular menu will drop down having its content arranged in grid.
on the second row of the contents of this drop down menu is the screen shot option. You click on the screenshot option and it'll will start so you can take the screenshot of the current page on your UC browser 9.8

4; so many add-ons Uc browser comes with so many add-ons such as web2pdf which means with this add-on you can save a webpage in pdf format instantly.
Another add-on is the save page as html, with this aswell you can save a webpage but not in pdf format but in html, which means after saving it in html you can view it with any/every browser.
how to save a webpage on UC browser 9.8
if you want to save a webpage on this latest version of UC web you need to first download and install the add-on responsible for that. You download the add-on by tapping on the box with a plus sign at the top right corner of the page, there will be a drop down menu, in the drop down menu, you'll see another box with a plus(+) sign, you click on it. It'll then take you to UC store where you can download the add-on to save page. You can also download other add-ons from there.
incognito browsing With this feature you can browse with out your browser keeping record of your browsing history. This means while you ,surf the net with uc browser and this feature is on, your privacy is protected.
how to use UC browser 9.8 incognito feature to browse anonymously;
once UC is launched, in order to browse incognito,on the home screen of UC you press/tap the tab icon( the second from the right after the home icon/symbol). then it will show the list of open tabs, below the list by the right(bottom right) you'll see something that looks like a mask(that's the symbol for incognito) click on it and you're donee.
after the above, your browsing will be set to incognito and your browsing history wont be recorded. If you also want to revert this, you follow the same process.
Ucloud integration This feature allows you to store your files in UC's cloud server freely, this feature has two options, which are; permanent storage and temporary storage. The former allows you to store your files as long as possible with 2 gigabyte disk space while the later allows you to store your files for a limited period of one week with disk space of 4 gigabyte. This Ucloud or UDisk is a good alternative for Google cloud storage and the likes and its very easy to use unlike Google cloud. How you access Ucloud is while trying to download any file UC browser will bring up options like cloud save, save file etc, you select cloud save/download and it'll prompt you to register and you'll start using it. Alternatively you can register and upload file by going to Both PC and mobile.
I just mentioned a few out of many features of UC broswer for Android, some of the features not mentioned includes; Uc widget, support for javascript(uc now support javascript content), Ability to view in desktop mode; with this one uc browser surpasses some many other browsers because its desktop mode view is smooth.
This is the latest version of uc browser.
You can download UC browser for Android here
Don't hesitate to ask any question and also share this.

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