Google tools you should be using

Last time I wrote on how to download free apps from Google Play with PC don't miss that tip.
Today I'll be writing on Google tools that also awesome as the popularly used ones.
These Google tools/features include:
1. Google Drive

This is one of the top free cloud storage available(though it's not entirely free). This cloud service has been available for sometime now but only few people use it( you particularly don't use it) probably because of other numerous free cloud storage services such as Dropbox, Yandex, Skydrive, Ucloud(read this to know more about Ucloud) or maybe be it's too hard to use. But despite all Google offers all it's free cloud storage users a total of 15G free space to store any kind file incuding pictures, word documents, mp3 files or any file type you can think of.
It works on both PC and smartphones including Android.
In order to use Google Drive's free 15G of online storage space go to register and start storing your files online on Google's server.
2.Google Translate

With Google Translate you can translate any website of your choice(including Google) to almost any language including your local language some times I translate LegiStuffs to Igbo(my native language) and it works perfectly fine. But it some worth surprising that many don't utilize some of these internet tools to make the internet easier and fun. Google Translate works for every website so you can translate a french, spanish, arabic, polish website to English.

Now its; How to use Google translate
In order to use Google translate just go to, in the page there there will be a space to type in the url/address of the site you intend to translate. But before that, on top the space provided is the option to change the language you want Google to translate the from and to, in default it's set at 'detect language'(which is best) and translate to English. This means Google detects the original language of the site and translate it to English but if you want it to be translated to any other language not English, you click on the word 'English' and options of various language will be provided, you then select the language of your choice. After selecting the language of your choice, you then type in the address of the site and click non the word 'Translate'. that's all.
3. Google currency converter

As you can see these Google tools cut across different aspect of life because different people use the internet for different purposes. Now with this feature you can tell Google to help you convert any currency of your choice to also any currency of your choice.
Most times when looking for the latest conversion rates different websites give many lists you actually don't need, so with Google you get the direct conversion rates between different currencies of your choice.
how to use Google to convert currencies
this is how I do it; for example if I want to know what one naira is in dollar or the reverse I type 'one naira in dollar' on the Google search box, and Google will give me the exact rate, you type it without the quotes('') and Google will give you the answer you need.
4.Google wallet

Google wallet is the last on my list of the not so popular Google tools which I believe you should be using. But the truth is I don't use Google wallet not because am not interested but because it has not expand as it should and many online stores don't accept it yet. Maybe if am to register and start using it, it'll only be for the sake of Playstore.
But for those who use e-stores that accept Google wallet its a great thing to use it and one won't be much afraid that the company will just vanish into thin air like Liberty Reserve. So Google wallet has come to stay and using it for your online purchase is a great idea.
in order to use Google wallet go to and set up your account.
with this list you can see there are so many Google tools or Google features you're probably missing. Trying out some of them wont be a crime.
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