how to download free android apps from Google playstore with PC and without log in

Sometime ago I wrote on how to download videos from YouTube without any software, and it's been making waves go here if you missed it.
Today I'll be showing you how you can download free android apps, free android games or whatever from the Google Playstore with your PC, Mac smart phones and every other device without log in.
The above means that with this android trick or tip am going to show you, you'll be able to download android apps, android games from Google without:
Log in and download using any device ; You'll be able to download free android apps and games with any device that's that your android, example your PC, your Mac or any device. This means that you don't need to input your Google play details in order to download from The playstore with this android trick.
PROCEDURE; 1; First you have to know the complete name of the free android game or app you want to download or if you don't know the complete(full) name of the app or game, you to The playstore with your browser and look for the app or game and copy the link of the free android app or game(NOTE!; you have to copy the link complete).
2; After the above you go here when you get to the page, you would have something like this picture below

In the page you'll be provided with a space/box where you would have to type in the complete(full) name or the link you copied earlier(as stated in the first procedure) of the free android game or free android app you want to download.
3; finally, after pasting the link in the space provided you click 'generate link' and a link to download the free app or free game would be provided.
conclusion The advantage of this trick is:
1.You no more need your Gmail account details when trying to download from the playstore.
2. you also don't need your android device in order to download from the playtore
3. you can now download any free android app or game from the playstore with other mobile browsers such as UC web, opera mini and other android mobile browsers.
and lots more....
NOTE This trick works for only free android apps and games.
that's just the trick required to download any free android app or free android game without your android device and without logging in.

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