How to use Android as second monitor for PC

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How to use your android as a second monitor for PC is what I bring you today, iDisplay is both an android, iphone apps that let you turn your Android device(phone or tablet), iphone to a second screen for your pc or mac computer to enable you work more efficiently.
Here's how it works
iDisplay is in two; The server software of which yo install on your host machine either windows or mac and the client app which you install on your Android phone or Android tablet.
1.You download and install the server software on your PC and also download and install the client app on your Android device; preferably android tablet cos of the larger screen size.
2. after downloading and installint them you connect the two view the same network.
Ok that was just a little intro on the set up of iDisplay though I'll explain that fully.
while this seem mere interesting is nice for those who don't have two desktops and would like to work on two screens simultaneously for example as a programmer you're typing codes and you want to open a reference ebook that'll be time wasting if you always have to minimize your wimdow in order to open the ebook app, in such scenario iDisplay comes in handy. Not just programmers but students typing of assignments and all that.
1.First download iDisplay apk(actually its paid at $5 but am giving you a free download link) HERE and download and installing that on your Android Device, download and install iDisplay on your PC from THIS SITE
2.After installing the apps both on your Android and your PC, you launch the one on your PC and follow the instructions, at first install and launch it'll test your screen, after that it minimizes and hides in your t

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