How to monitor and spy on a whatsapp contact

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How to monitor a whatsapp contact on your android plus how to download premium WhatsDog[the whatsapp spying app] for free, is what am going to show you today.

You know some people on your contact list would sometimes see your text/chat on whatsapp but would refuse to reply back when later asked they'll say, they were asleep and didn't notice, some would even say they've not been online so they didn't see your text.

I know that, of recent whatsaap rolled out an update that shows if your text/message has been read[ a text that has been read is indicated by the two blue check marks], but with this app, you'll still be notified even if the contact has your number blocked on his/her whatsapp.

Some of such people would go as far as setting their Last seen visibility to nobody as such you won't know when last they were online.

But with this app you'll know :
  1. offline and online- the contact's online and offline presence on whatsapp
  2. The contact's whatsapp activities on a chosen day
  3. the level/degree of whatsapp usage by that contact[this is shown on a chart]
  4. get notification on your device when the contact is online
  5. and lots more.....

The above listed are the features of the app, now this app is good for those who'll like to spy on a any of their whatsapp contact[maybe a crush, who knows?]

So now let's get to know how to use WhatsDog app:

  1. First Download and install WhatsDog, download it HERE
  2. After installing the app, launch it and select the contact you want to monitor and wait for the activation
  3. after the above you'll start getting notifications when the contact is online
  4. You're now a spy!!! But one advice don't get caught!

NOTE: it requires android 4.0+

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