How to download torrent with IDM, Android device or any other download manager

How to download download torrent with internet download manager, IDM, is what I'll show you how to do today.

Downloading from torrent sites has never been an easy task especially when you don't have a torrent downloader due to this limitation there's been an emergence of several sites that enable downloads of .torrent files without any torrent downloaders such as sites includes Zbigz, ByteBX, Filestream etc, but none has ever done it better than Torrent2ddl because most of these have many limitations that prevent people from using their services to the fullest.

Some of these limitations include:
  • limitation in download speed,
  • very low download file size is allowed
  • and some others

But with Torrent2ddl these limitations are removed or reduced to the minimum.

Features of Torrent2ddl
With Torrent2ddl there's nothing like premium account, so everyone gets the same quality of service.

You get unlimited download speed which means you don't get a poor speed like in zbigz but the highest your ISP can offer.

Its totally free, at the moment there's nothing like payment but there's a donate option there so giving them a few bucks won't be a bad idea for the good free service, though they are still on beta stage.

Now here's how to download from torrent files with IDM or any other downloader(including your browser downloader)


Registration is easy just a username, password and your email(though email is optional),You register at

2.You get the link of the file the link is usually .torrent link(it ends with .torrent), copy the link.

before the last step check these out

3.After copying the link(magnate), you go to and log in, a box written magnate is provided, you're to paste the .torrent link you copied and select the cloud host you want, go down and tick accept then click on submit.

You wait for your direct download link to be generated, it takes a little longer depending on the size of your download most times you wait for an hour.

Once generated you can copy the link and use it on your IDM.

If you don't have IDM you can download a cracked version HERE

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