how to watch movies from torrent sites

How to watch movies/videos from torrent sites liken uTorrent without downloading on your PC is my concentration today.

Imagine how cool it'll be to watch your favorite movie from a torrent sites like uTorrent without any need for downloading the movie, for example, you can now watch The Interview from any of your favorite torrent site instead of downloading the movie thereby 'wasting' your data and and occupying disk space.

So today I'll show you how to watch movies or videos from torrent site directly. There are two ways to watch movies and video files from torrent site with out downloading and those two ways I would list and explain below:

first METHOD

Is with the use of a software called Acestream.

You download and install Acestream, if you have any browser open you close it so Acestream ca install its Plug-ins.

Once the above is done, you're now set to start streaming/watching videos from torrent sites.

Here's the real deal.

  • Go to the torrent site of which the movie is, look for the movie and download the magnate link or the .torrent link file(that's the torrent link of the movie)
  • after doing the above,open Ace player(the Acestream app), go to media > open file, from the navigation that comes, you select the magnate link/ .torrent link or file(the one you downloaded above) then open it
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  • then you select 'movie/Video'
  • After that, your streaming starts, Ace player would take a few minutes to buffer, like 2 minutes or so, from there your streaming continues without downloading
That's the Acestream method

Download Acestream HERE

second METHOD

This second method is just almost the same with the first just that ist with a different software and the software; ROX Player doesn't take upto minutes before it starts streaming your movie.

You download and install ROX player and open it for the first time to make sure everything is properly installed.

Then click on file > open torrent and then select that magnate link(the .torrent link) you downloaded.


After the above it takes around a minute to start (hence faster than Acestream).

download ROX player HERE

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