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Best android app to turn your Android phone android tablet into a mouse and keyboard for your pc/computer; WIFI MOUSE

WIFI MOUSE a simple light android, iphone, ipad app that allows you simulate your pc keyboard and mouse on your device using your android phone's hotspot and your pc's WIFI. With WIFI MOUSE all you need is to install WIFI MOUSE on your android and install the WIFI MOUSE server on your pc, connect and start using your android phone as keyboard and mouse for your pc.

WIFI mouse is not here to make your android or iphone replace your keyboard and mouse entirely, of course not. But I know you may have for once found yourself in a situation where your pc's mouse and/or keyboard becomes faulty, i've been in such situation and WIFI MOUSE saved the day. So the post is about how you can seamlessly replace your keyboard and mousse with your android phone.


-first download WIFI MOUSE apk HERE after downloading WIFI MOUSE apk install it.

-After the above go download the server for your pc HERE also install this on your pc/computer.

-now switch on your android phone's wifi hotspot and connect your pc to your phone via wifi.

-go to your pc launch the WIFI MOUSE server written 'MouseServer', it runs on background, open the wifi mouse app on your android and search for server, you'll see your pc IP address connect by clicking on the chain/LINK by the right of the IP.

after all the above you're now connected select keyboard or simulate to use the keyboad features or mouse to use the mouse feature.

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