Android Must Have Apps

These Android must have Apps would save you memory space and probably time as well because when you have them you don't need most of the conventional Apps as these Android must have apps cut across several files operation, they open most file types.

The following Android Apps are considered as must have apps with a short list of file types they're capable of opening and also what they can do.


Normally on most Android versions you're only capable of viewing 3GP and mp4 video formats as a result you'll want to convert any videos file not in this format to any of them. But with MX player apk you can easily watch virtually all video formats on your Android without converting. It's not so uncool to say you should replace any/every of your video players with MX Player apk.

Get MX Player apk HERE

HOW TO VIEW, CREATE or EDIT microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel files on Android

Of course its no news you can create, edit and view MS word, MS powerpoint and MS excel files on Android but not app does all these together in one better than the Office suite 8 apk app, it does all these smoothly on your Android asides that, with Office suite 8 apk your Adobe Reader apk on Android automatically becomes useless as Office suite 8 also opens PDF files. That's just bringing your office to your palm.

Download Office suite 8 apk HERE

HOW TO DECOMPRESS .zip and .rar FILES on Android

This can successfully be done with both 7zipper apk and Es file explorer apk but Es file explorer apk does it better(in my opinion) because of the loads of other functions that accompany it to know more functions of Es files explorer check HERE

Download Es file explorer apk HERE


Similar to video formats you can only play a couple of audio formats on Android prompting an Android user to start converting audio files to mp3 but with N7 music player apk, its all okay to have an unsupported audio file with no need to convert it because N7 music player apk would perfectly play it.

Download N7 music player apk HERE download, unzip and install.

With the above listed apps installed on your Android your file management just got easier and better with no need to install a zillion apps to carry out tasks a single Android app can handle seamlessly. It doesn't make sense clogging your Android device with unnecessary apps when there is a list of best Android must have apps

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