How to Stop Google Play Services from reinstalling and eating up phone memory

How to stop Google play services app from installing itself eating phone space/memory is what am going to show you how to do.

firstly, Google play services is one handy app even though you don't use it directly, most Google apps require it to function apps like Google+ app, YouTube app and a lot of other Google apps, for me that's not a good reason an app should eat up the whole memory space on ones' phone; tho most times this is prevalent in low end and mid range android smartphones. I've actually had this issue before it made uninstall most games still yet Google play services was growing and growing bigger.

Most Google apps requiring the Google play services to function means that when the app is uninstalled these Google apps won't function but remember that an android smartphone is useless without memory, what's android without memory? a plastic/metal electronic device that has lost its ability to perform, because your becomes virtually useless. So in order to get you an escape route from this, I'll show how you can stop Google Play services from eating up memory space after reinstalling its self.

How to stop Google Play Services app from draining android memory

Requirements to stop Google Play services app from eating up/draining phone memory space

Your rooted android device

Link2Sd app; this app requires root privilege to function, hence the need for your android device to be rooted.

USB debugging activated on your device; do this by going to your phone's settings then apps if you're on older android version scroll down tap 'development' then check the box labelled USB debugging, but if you're on newer android versions 4.0+, scroll down the settings of your device to 'about phone' tap on it, scroll again to 'developments' and tick the box, to deactivate USB debugging after the process, following same way you located USB debugging and uncheck the box.

Download Link2Sd app apk HERE if you don't have.

Now after downloading and installing Link2Sd app on your android, launch the app and grant it root access as it asks for it.

before launching Link2Sd app, yo first clear the memory of Google play services app by going to the list of your installed app and clear its memory after that launch the Link2Sd app.

once Lin2Sd app has finished loading it'll automatically provide you with the list of user apps installed on your device, Google Play services is a user app so just scroll down and locate it, peradventure you don't find it on the list of user apps, there are three Icons at the top right corner of the app, tap on the first from the left a drop down list would surface with 'all', 'system', 'user', 'linked' etc. select 'all' or 'system' which ever you select Google play services app is there, just scroll down and you'll find it. Once seen, tap on the Google play service Icon and it opens a page having about four or more buttons indicating several tweaks that could be done. Now tap on the button 'Actions' a pop list comes up, Tap on 'Freeze'. Waite for the process to finish and you're done!

The Google Play services would never eat your phone memory again, and if you want to reverse the process, follow same instruction and at the end you tap on 'Unfreeze'

Hope you find this useful.

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