How To Use two Instagram Accounts on one Android phone

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How to use two instagram account on one phone

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Sometime ago I wrote a post on HERE TO RUN/USE TWO WHATSAPP ON ONE PHONE but to today whatsapp has actually made things hard for third party whatsapp apps as a result that method is no working with same app, then it was nice but if you notice it requires you to install two WhatsApp applications on your android before you could run two WhatsApp on your Android. But that's not the same with running two instagram accounts on your android, with this cool app you would be able to run and operate two instagram account on your android simultaneously without installing two apps.

Ok, you'd ask what app is that?

Instwogram is the name(funny name you'd say)., with Instwogram you can simultaneously run two instagram acounts on your android. Though Intwogram is not yet available on Google play its apk is available for download, once downloaded and installed on your android you could run two instagram accounts on your android using the official instagram app and this Instwogram app.

you can

download Instwogram apk


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