7 Simple Tricks To Extend Android Battery Life

How to Extend your android battery life with some seven(7) tricks is what I'll be showing you on this post.

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Of course its no news that most complains android smartphone users give is about their battery running low or getting bad within the shortest period of time. Every now and then your android smartphone is always plugged to a switch charging. Surprisingly most recent android phones and tablets come with god battery capacity but this does not reflect on the users experience, this is neither the phones fault nor the manufacturers' but that of the user(you). That being said, I'll briefly point out what and what drains your android phone battery faster, what damages your android battery and how to extend your battery's duration and life span.

What Actually Drains My Android's Battery?

Your Android phone's battery drains faster because you refuse to adjust some settings to save android phone battery. Those battery drainers include.

-Vibrations and unnecessary sound

-Android phone screen and Animations

-Wifi(many people are guilty of leaving this on)

-Tethering Hotspot

-Hepatic Feedback on screen/button press or tap

-3G/4G networks

-Battery savers(surprised?)

Ok, I've Listed the most causes of battery drainage I'll then proceed to the simple tricks or ways to adjust these and get a boost of your battery performance and life. If these tricks am about to show you on saving android battery didn't work, you can call out this site anywhere for misleading its readers. Lets head straight.

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#1. how to mange Vibrations and sounds to save android battery.

Talk about vibrations and sound, these two should work in alternation especially when it comes to incoming calls, of what use is the vibration if your android phone can ring out loud? Just turn it(vibration) off please and save that battery life, in any settings where ringing is required turn your vibration off be it alarm, incoming call, whatsapp chat text and every other.
Now sound on key press is annoying and also lends its little hands in making sure that android battery doesn't last long, put it off.

#2. Android phone screen also drains your battery life; a huge chunk of the battery power is used up by the screen especially on high-end android devices, but you can't do without it right? There's a little trick, reduce the brightness of your screen to the minimum you can. Animations like live wallpapers and animated 3D wallpapers should be banned with immediate effect from your android, they don't let your battery last long.

#3. WiFi, when ever you're not making use of your phone's WiFi just put it off, the hardware would keep draining your battery while its on because its always searching for hotspots. funny, many people leave their's on and still complain of low battery life.

#4. Tethering Hotspot, as you know this feature on your android enables you to share your phone's internet connection with other devices, it appears to be a nice feature but this is very dangerous to your battery, not just your battery's performance but its life span also, it actually damaged my phone's battery. One advice, if your phone has a non-removable(the worst thing that happened to smartphones) battery just stay away from this feature till you're done with that phone, should your non-removable battery gets damaged, you know the rest.

#5. Hepatic feedback is the vibration you get from your android device when you tap an option, should be disabled for better battery life.

#6. 3G/4G capability on your android smartphone is nice but becomes bad when you're in an area with no 3G/4G reception as a result the chips would strain more and drain more battery in a bid to get you connection to the nearest, when ever you're in such areas kindly switch to 2G it saves battery and good for chatting and text messaging.

#7. Battery saver Apps, am I serious? absolutely!. These apps and many other background apps are part of the cause of your low battery problems. How can an app that stays on 24/7 save battery?

Trust me, it drains more battery than it saves, don't be deceived. I don't use them so I won't advice you to.

Now You've known what drains your battery and how to manage them, what I'll show you next is what actually Kills/damages your android battery.

What is the cause of Damages in Android Phone Battery from within the phone?

you want to know?


excessive use of the Wifi, 3G/4G and mostly Tethering hotspot(Everybody run from this!)

with the above mentioned 7 tricks you can now manage and improve your android phone's battery effectively. Hope it helps.

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