How to remove password from a locked memory card

How to remove password from a locked memory card.

It's been a while I posted tricks like this on how to, all the while its been games so today I'll show you how to unlock a menory card a locked memory card. With this trick you'll be able to unlock and remove password from a passworded memory card with your Android.

Note: this is intended for educational purpose.

Do you have any locked memory card that you've forgotten the password? If yes, your memory is not gone you can still unlock and remove the password on the memory card.

All you need to be able to remove password on a memory card is your Android smartphone that has memory slot and ES file explorer installed on.

How To Remove Password from a locked memory Card on Android

Once the above requirements are met, insert the passworded memory card into your smartphone and launch ES file explorer.

Locate your system folder( this is usually denoted by '/ Device' as the name) in the system folder scroll down till you see a file 'mmcstore'. This is the file that stores your password details, to know your password open the file as a text file or rename 'mmcstore' to 'mmcstore.txt'. Once renamed open it with the Es fike explorer text editor and copy what ever is there, that's the password.

After copying it, we'll now get to removing the password entirely. To remove the password from the locked memory card, you go to the memory card options and select 'remove password' and input the copied password.

You've successfully removed the password from the passworded/locked memory card without initially knowing it.

That's it, with this trick you can unlocke any passworded memory card

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