Features To Watchout For When Buying A Smartphone

Features to watch out for/consider when/before buying a smartphone and Tablet.

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This post is about features you should checkout in a smartphone before paying. No body likes to be disappointed especially when it has to do with money and gadgets, the purpose of this post is to enlighten you a bit on some Android smartphone features you need to have basic knowledge of, so you won't be cheated by these smartphone OEMs, online stores and the local stores around.

Following the success of the Android OS in the mobile market, there's been an 'uncontrolled' influx of manufacturers into the mobile market dishing out android phones of different specs and prices, this post is about 'which of those specs should you pay attention to' that is, what really matters and not the hype!


Now, I'll start with the camera, what are the most important features of a smartphone camera? do you want better, clearer, high quality pictures? then forget the MegaPixels(MP). Honestly an android smartphone with at least 8 MegaPixels should be able to produce high quality pictures if all other features of the camera are in place. All the 16-30 MP seen on most smartphone cameras are just for marketing to make more sales. The features that really determine the quality of pictures taken include the lens type and quality, sensor quality; the quality of the sensor is essential as it provides low noise, high dynamic range and a lot other. Getting to know all these information of a particular camera is not very feasible. Your best bet to know the quality of a smartphone camera is to check their quality on sites like GSMArena.

Next time you're buying a new smartphone just make sure the MegaPixel is at least 8 then you check the camera quality, a phone with 30 MP and very low quality lens and sensor would produce low quality pictures.


Good attention should be paid to the screen of any smartphone before you purchase because you may just be paying for an unprotected, low quality screen. Considerations on the screen of a smartphone should be on Screen Type, protection, Resolution, multi-touch ability, number of displayable colors, and maybe size. Don't ever buy a phone with an unprotected screen or one without multi-touch ability of at least 3 fingers, other features could be overlooked depending on your budget. Most high end smartphones come with super AMOLOED capacitive touch screen and the Corning Gorilla Glass 3 and/or 4 as screen protection. screen size could be overlooked if its at least 4.5 inch

Memory Space and Ram
In this modern day when there are heavy apps and games to run, large phone internal memory and RAM is required. Your best bet is to get a phone with at least 8 gig of internal memory if it has memory slot for expansion but if it doesn't have memory slot for expansion always go for the 32-64 gig memory. I don't suggest anyone to guy for a phone with no memory slot because you'll always be limited in memory space.

Now to the RAM of a phone, buying a smartphone with 4gig+ of RAM because of its RAM is not smart at all because its an absolute waste of cash! 2-3gig of RAM is enough and capable of running your phone. As you can see manufacturers always use something like 4gig RAM to sell their phones. No matter how large a smartphone's RAM maybe if not well integrated a RAM of well integrated 2gig would still out perform it irrespective of its size.

About chipset, in the android market the major players are MediaTek and Qualcomm Snapdragon. MediaTek chips are mostly found in low end smartphones especially of cheap Chinese make while Snapdragon is usually found in high end smartphones. like I said MediaTek and Qualcomm Snapdragon are most popular but there are also others like the Samsung Exynos that was used in the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge.

Chipsets don't matter that much in a smartphone, truth is you rarely notice. once the OS is well integrated with the chipset everything goes fine, so paying much emphasis on the chipset when getting a smartphone is another way to lose money for something you rarely notice.


In the features to watch out for when buying a smartphone, battery is among the top, never you go for a smartphone with poor battery no matter what other specs of the phone are saying unless you're planning on becoming a permanent 'Wall hugger'.

When checking out a new smartphone be sure it has a battery of at least 2000 mAh for low end smartphone and at least 2600 mAh for high end smartphones, by so doing you're budgeting for more talk time on your battery.

3G and 4G

3G is the least requirement for any smartphone as the 3G band can now be said to be ubiquitous around the world. Your phone having the 4G chip and you're not able to use it because there's no 4G coverage in your locality is a waste of cash. Don't pay for what you may never use; that's the essence of things to watch out for in a smartphone.


You may have noticed that these OEMs use high RAM(ex. 4gig), high camera MegaPixels(ex. 20MP), 4G, and chipset to draw a lot a people to buy their smartphones when they know very well those are the least of features to check out, and that's the reason I wrote this post so you can know what to watch out for when buying a new smartphone.

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Very Informative and educative post ,but to be frank with you what most of us care about is Does it browse? ,does it whatsapp?

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Yea Ige,
Funny but true.
That's why I had to put this up.

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I don't even go near phones with no name talkless of buying them

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Hi Betty,
I guess you want to be on the safer side, it's all good.

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