Star Post; A New and Handy WhatsApp Feature

WhatsApp's Star Post what it is and how to use it. This update also comes with link preview.

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Recently, WhatsApp released an update to the text messaging app, coming with the update are a few touches in the appearance(though this is not very noticeable) and the new 'Star'.

The feature Star represented with a star symbol, acts like 'Favorite' in other apps, they do similar things. What the Star does is to star/favorite a post and save it with a link to the starred post. you may not get this explanation so I'll breakdown what the Whatsapp star feature does by showing you how to use it.

How tyo use the WhatsApp Star feature

The Star is used to favorite and save a post maybe for quick reference.

While in a chat(group or private; whichever) and you've seen a post you'd like to Star, you have to tap and hold don the post for a few seconds then the post would be marked and a row of icons would appear at the top of your whatsapp screen. on this row is a Star Icon, tap on it and the post would be Starred, a little star would appear at the bottom right of the starred post and a reference/link to the post would be store within whatsapp should you want to view/read the post/text.

Now to get to that Starred post again maybe in the future when you might need the post for any purpose. To get to all your Starred posts on WhatsApp, Tap on your menu key and a list would come up select 'Starred Messages' and all your starred messages would be shown with the dates they were starred and from what conversation they were starred, tap on any of the messages and you'll be taken to the conversation and day/date.

That's it about the new Whatsapp feature, hope you start using it, it appears to be handy.

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