5 Reasons Why Your Next Android Phone Should Be of Chinese Make

5 reasons why you should buy a chines phone, why your next smartphone should be of chinese make

On this post I'll be showing you why your next android smartphone should of Chinese make. Before You proceed down to reasons why your next android smartphone should be of Chinese make, check out Features Of A Smartphone You Should Checkout For Before Buying

Time has past when chinese phones are known for very bad reputation and low quality as the growth in the smartphone market is not unconnected in the increase and improvement in the quality of Smartphones of Chinese make. As of the tie of writing this post you can't mention top 10 android smartphone brands without mentioning at least 3-4 Chinese companies as smartphones of Chinese make account for 1/3 of the global smartphone market, and that's huge for the since they were usually considered to be of low quality and standard. Popular and quality Chinese brands of android smartphones include Xiaomi, Lenovo, infinix, Huawei, Tecno and a host of others.

Now enough of the intro and let's get down to business,

Why You Should Buy An Android Chinese Smartphone Instead Of The Conventional Samsung and co.

1. They're Very Affordable(actually cheaper than the rest)
This is it! when ever Chinese smartphones are mentioned what comes to mind is cheap and that's their selling point no wonder their smartphones are now becoming ubiquitous due the fact that no body would see two phones of virtually same spec and quality and go for the expensive.
The nice thing about their pricing is that there is always a phone for every level of the consumer market.

2. They're Quite Innovative
5 reasons why you should buy a chines phone, why your next smartphone should be of chinese make

In the past brilliant ideas and innovation is a featured that's only ascribed to big names like Apple(iphones), Samsung and a couple of others but today its a different game altogether, chinese brands both popular and unpopular keep releasing into the market android smartphones that could make heads turn. Some time last month i saw an unpopular chinese phone(I can't remember the name) with a nice feature; just one camera attached to a flap, this camera functions as both the primary and secondary with great picture quality, this means if your primary camera is 13 MP with sensor and quality to match your secondary will still be the same since its one camera on a flap that could be adjusted and fitted in back into it's position. This is just one of it all, go into the local smartphone store in your locality and checkout the chinese phones there with great designs and innovations.

3. You Have Your Freedom
Since they're well inexpensive you have your freedom to switch from one brand to the next unlike when you're using a phone of $700+ you'd be considering how much you bought it before ditching it for the next especially if it has any fault.

4. Two sims: more freedom

5 reasons why you should buy a chines phone, why your next smartphone should be of chinese make
It's no news that virtually all chinese android phones in the market have two sim slots, which means more freedom and more opportunity for you. You don't get fixed on one carrier network whether in a place where their network coverage is low or not. Let's say you move from your usual location to where there's no strong network coverage of your current carrier you could pick up the better network there and slot into your sim 2 and get going. More freedom and more possibility.

5.You're Their Target
Chinese brands sell quality to you and not brand name, buying a samsung or any other top brand's smartphone is same as paying for nothing but brand name, chinese brand now capitalize on this fact to sell quality to you knowing fully well that they don't have the brand name, That's why there's always a phone for you with your choice of quality at your choice of price.

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You've seen it all, while these I listed may not be found on all android smartphones from chinese brands you can get them on popular brands like Xiaomi, Huawei, Lenovo, Infinix, Tecno,Gionnee, Meizu and a couple of others.

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