How To Enable Multi-Window Multi-Tasking On Android

In this post I'll be showing you How To Enable or Activate Multi-window Multi-Tasking on Your Android with Ease, all thanks to the multi-tasking nature of android.

Before proceeding to how to enable multi-window multi-tasking on your android please note that you're responsible for whatever damage done to your device. But don't worry as it poses no much harm to your device.

Now let's go straight to how to enable muti-window multi-tasking on android, though this is still in its development as Google is still testing it and hoping to release and make it readily available on Android N(The next version of android after marshmallow). But its still available on marshmallow and lollipop, so at the end of the post you most have activated multi-window on your android like the one below;

how to enable multi-window multi-tasking on android

Requirements to Enable Multi-Window on Your Android
-developer options enable(if developer option is not enabled on your device, go to settings and scroll down to 'About Phone' tap on it and scroll down to 'Build Number' tap it 7 times and you'd get a notification that you're now a developer).

Now the above is just an intro and information on requirements to Enable Multi-Window Multi-Tasking On Your Android

Lets get Started proper,

To Enable Multi-Window Multi-Tasking On your android go to settings on your device scroll till you see 'Developer Options' tap on it and scroll down to the 'Drawing' section you'd see 'Multi-Window Mode' and a toggle at the end tap on it, to toggle it on(on some devices you won't see multi-window mode, I'll treat that later on, just continue reading). Once toggled on you should get a notification letting you the feature is experimental and may cause some apps to crash, tap 'Enable' and you're done.

To start using it, go to your app switcher, on some devices you have to hold your home button others menu which ever one, you should get a screen like the below showing your running apps with the Multi-Window icon on each of the apps.

Look at how your device app switcher should look like

how to enable multi-window multi-tasking on android

tap on the multi-window icon on the last app and the below pop up comes up choose between the first two and you have it.

how to enable multi-window multi-tasking on android

Now for those who couldn't find 'Multi-Window Mode' In their Developer Options, you need to download and install this app. After installing the app, launch it, at the bottom left corner is a search icon tap on it and search for 'build.type', and this comes as 'build.type' result tap on it a popup comes, in the field 'property value' change 'user' to 'userdebug' and tap save. After saving reboot your device and 'Multi-Window Mode' should appear on your device' Developer Options, though I cannot give you 100% assurance that this works on all devices but you can try it on yours. You can now scroll up and continue from to enabling multi-window multi-tasking on your android as I explained above.

This is a nice feature that you'll truly enjoy especially on devices with large screen size, Phablets and Tablets, even android phones with maybe screen size of say 5" and above.

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