How To Stop Unwanted Notifications On Android

How To Stop/Get rid of Unwanted Notifications on your android is what I'll be showing today.

how to block app notification on android, how to stop notification on android

One of the nicest features of android is the notification feature which notifies you of a varieties of activities,. While this may be nice some times it becomes a nuisance and as such you would want to stop them without the use of any app.

There are two options/method of doing this depending on what android versions your android device is running, I'll start with Jellybean and Kitkat(They both have same method).

For Android 4.1 to 4.4(jellybean and kitkat)

When an unwanted notification comes up and you wish to stop it from coming up next time, Long press on it then an option comes up fro there you select app information from there you'd be taken to where you can put off each and every notification pertaining that specific app, do this for every app you wish to block its notification.

For Android 5.0 to 6(Lollipop to Marshmallow)
For these most recent android OS versions the process is similar with Kitkat but here you can not only stop/block the notifications but you get to be able to tweak the notifications to appear which ever way you wish/want.
Long Tap on the specific app notification an animation plays and there's an 'i' at the right corner of the notification tap on it and you'd be taken to the app's notification settings, here yo do what you want.

how to block app notification on android, how to stop notification on android

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