How To Pin App To Screen On Android

On this post I'll show you how you can pin/stick an app to your screen on android. What this really means is that at the end of this post, you would be able to make only one app run or show on your screen.

how to pin an app to andr4oid screen

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Due to the diversity of Apps on android there are so many things you would like to do with your phone and probably don't want to be interrupted, things like reading mails, watching videos or whatever. You can then apply this simple Android tip.

So many reasons why you would want to pin an app or anything to your screen on android. Want to prevent as I've mentioned a few above.
This pint screen feature is only available n Lollipop and Marshmallow(and possibly would be on Android N) Though on some phones the running Lollipop the feature isn't still supported.

To Activate Pin to screen on your android, Go to your Settings and scroll to and tap on 'Security', scroll to 'Screen pinning' Tap on it on the next page Tap on the toggle button at the top right corner to activate the Screen pinning on your phone, below it is an other toggle 'Lock Device when Unpinning'(I'll talk about this later).

After activating the screen pinning feature on your android you would want to pin an app to your screen.Open the app you want to pin to screen, tap the Overview button on your android(the square button on your android on some phones its not square shaped).

how to pin an app to andr4oid screen

After that you'd be shown the app switcher on the last app you opened is a pin icon tap on it to pin the app to screen. Done the app is pinned.

Should you want to unpin the app hold the back and overview buttons and it'll be unpinned.

how to pin an app to andr4oid screen

Now, back to the 'Lock Device When Unpinning' enabling this Toggle ensures that after unpinning an app, your screen still remains locked such that you can't use it for anything, this becomes handy when you want to prevent some people from making use of your device with the screen pinning feature.

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