List Of 2016 Top 7 Best Android Launchers To Download

This is A List of Top 7 Best Android Launchers.

When ever customization is mentioned with respect to Android, what comes to mind is Launchers and custom roms, actually beautiful launchers are the reason our android devices look fantastic and beautiful. That being said, if you want your android home screen, app drawer and the rest to look great in this 2016,you'd have to choose one of these top 7 best android launchers of 2016.

Before choosing any of the top 7 best android launchers of 2016notethat you device needs enough RAM for these launcher apps to perform well as they do slow devices with low RAM.

Top 7 Best Android Launchers of 2016

1. Nova Launcher
download nova launcher top 7 best android launcher 2016
Nova launcher has remained an indisputable best android launcher for a long time, your doesn't get filled up with unnecessary list of options. Nova Launcher brings balance with excellent performance to your android that's why its on the list of top 7 best android launchers of 2016.With several themes you can customize your android screen.There's the free and paid version which is the prime.
Download Nova Launcher From Google Play HERE

2. Google Now
download google now top 7 best android launcher 2016
Google Now is the stock android launcher from Google, Google Now best android launcher straight of the box with the Nexus line of android phones, as other android OEMs usually alter the launchers and replace with their own UI, being the official launcher from Google for android means it has best performance for your android device irrespective of your device' RAM and memory.
Download GoogleNow Launcher from GooglePlay HERE

3. Apex Launcher
download Apex top 7 best android launcher 2016
With the apex Notifier service Apex launcher has has gotten grip of a tight position on the list of top 7 best android launchers of 2016. Great themes, support virtually for every android version, free HD wallpapers, Apex launcher is no doubt one of the best 2016Androidlaunchersto try out.
Download Apex launcher from Google Play HERE

4. Launcher 8
download launcher 8 top 7 best android launcher 2016
Launcher 8 is the best windows themed android launcher available on the Google playstore and that's why its on the list of 2016 best android launchers.If you really fancy the windows 8 interface and would like to try it out on your android then Launcher 8 is for you.
Download Launcher 8 from Google Playstore HERE

5. Microsoft Arrow Launcher
download microsoft arrow launcher top 7 best android launcher 2016

Microsoft's very own Arrow Launcher made it to the list of 2016 best android launchers, swiping up or swiping down is all that's required on the Microsoft's unique Arrow Launcher, its a free to download and use android launcher.Though the Microsoft Arrow Launcher isn't available on the Google Play download it from ApkMirror HERE

6. Go Launcher Ex
download Go launcher ex top 7 best android launcher 2016
Go Launcher should have been among the top 5 but for its memory issues especially on low-end devices. Go Launcher has some of the best theme out there and so many features to make your android look great. Go launcher has both free and paid options.
Download Go Launcher Ex from Google Play HERE

7. Action Launcher 3
download action launcher 3 top 7 best android launcher 2016

Regarded as the fastest android launcher action launcher 3 is simple list styled launcher designed to make your access to your apps and features easy just from the list.
No much unnecessary customization on the action launcher 3 best android launchers of 2016.
Download Action Launcher 3 from Google Playstore HERE

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