Top 5 Best Android Health And Fitness Apps

Top 5 Best Android Health Apps.

This post would feature the best of the android health apps there are available out there of which you could try on your smartphones or android smartwatches.

Most times, when ever we talk about health apps what comes to mind is mostly fitness apps, while fitness apps are also health apps, health apps doesn't end in fitness apps as there are variety of health related apps that are not fitness example is measuring of your heart rate.

That being said, this post of Top 5 Best Android Health Apps would cover health apps of different categories and fitness apps as well.

Top 5 Best Android Health Apps

1. Instant Heart Rate

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Best App To Measure Heart Rate.
While Instant Heart Rate is not the only heart rate monitoring app(since they all use same technique; camera and flash) it has a few other features that make one of the Top 5 Best Android Health Apps.

Instant Heat Rate keeps track of your heart rate for you to know if you've been progressing in your fitness and fat burning.

Download Instant Heart Rate apk HERE

2. BMI Calculator

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BMI stands for Body Mass Index, which is a measure of your body fat based on your weight in relation to yout height.
How cool it is to be able to measure your BMI where ever you are just with your android smartphone.

The BMI Calculator is an android app that calculates your BMI with just few information you give to it, you input your weight and height and it'll give you a percentage estimate of your body fat, it'll also give you an exercise regimen based on the result of your BMI calculation.

Download BMI Calculator Apk HERE

3. Pocket Yoga

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With over 200 yoga poses, Pocket Yoga is the best android yoga app for anyone going into yoga.

Pocket Yoga comes with animations to enable to do your yoga properly and voice instruction too, that makes it all easy.

Download Pocket Yoga Apk HERE

4. Progression

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Progression just like Pocket Yoga is an android fitness app for those who exercises for a specific thing(maybe weight loss).

The Progression Android fitness app comes with its own built-in exercise regimens for you to follow or you could add yours also.

While working with the Progression fitness app you try to beat the time since the app makes use of the time trial method.

Download Progression Apk HERE

5. 7 Minute Workout

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7 Minute Workout is another of the Top 5 Best Android Health Apps that happens to come last in our list, but that doesn't mean it's the least health app on this list.
The 7 Minute Workout is specifically designed for those who are just starting out in fitness, it gives you steps you could cover in 7 minutes to strengthen muscle and for body fitness.

Not much of a complicated app it is, as it's simple and easy to use.

Download 7 Minute Workout Apk HERE

Note that all download links lead to the official Playstore page of the respective apps.

That's it about the LegitStuffs Top 5 Best Android Health Apps, the aim of this post is to make sure readers of LegitStuffs are always healthy and fit so you don't always run to your doctor all the time.

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