How To Make Money With Your Android

How To Make Money(a few bucks though) With Apps On Your Android Smartphone.

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Do you know you can some money with your smartphone? that your android smartphone is not just smart as its called but also smart with some money making ideas?
Well, if you don't know all these about how you can make money with your android smartphone or tablet then relax, for am about to take you on a journey to where(what apps) and how you can make some money with your android smartphone, without doing much.

Can I survive with the money you make using your android smartphone? No, no way can you survive off the money made through your android smartphone(because it's really small). You need to know while it's possible for you to make some money using your android smartphone easily, it's not possible to live off that money.

Now, that you've known you can earn some money(albeit little) using your android smartphone, the next step is to know how actually you can earn some money from that smartphone you're holding.

Going further, as you already know, to do virtually everything on your android you must download an app for whatever it is you wish to do.
In this case we want to start making money with our android smartphones, this means we'll get to know and review android apps that can be used to make some money on our devices.

On this post I'll review the Top Best Android Apps That Pays You Money!

1. SlideJoy

The first on our list of android apps that pays and enables us to make money with our android is the SlideJoy. SlideJoy is awesome that pays you for showing ads on your lock screen. The more reason it's at the top of the list is because you do virtually nothing but earn something! Just install the app do a little customization and you're set to start earning a few bucks for showing ads on your android lock screen.
With SlideJoy making money with your android becomes very simple.

Though the SlideJoy app is available on the Google playstore its not available for every country.or Here for non supported countries.

2. Perk

Perk is another android app that pays you, actually for doing something unlike SlideJoy. In the case of Perk you're paid for doing little things as watching TV, searching and browsing the web using the Perk browser and a few other opportunities.
Each time you complete a task you earn points which you can redeem in to gift cards. In essence, all you do to earn money using Perk on your android is; Install, complete task, earn points and redeem gift cards. Really simple.

Download Perk from the Google playstore Here

3. Media Insiders Mobile

Media Insiders Mobile is another awesome app on android that pays you for using it. With Media Insiders Mobile you can earn $5 every month, should you have multiple devices that's more money every month. If you have just one android device you can also learn how to run multiple Media Insider Mobile on one Android.
All Media Insider Mobile does is track what you watch on TV and online, through this they help companies understand how people view the media today.

Download Media Insider Mobile from Google playstore Here

4. Field Agent

Field Agent pays you to do some little tasks such as price checks, taking photo of products at locations. Each of these tasks pay you between $3 to $12. Field Agent may not be what you expect but it can help those who go on errand a a lot to earn a few bucks.

Download Field Agent from Google Playstore Here

5. Viggle

Viggle just like Media Insiders Mobile tracks what you watch on TV, mostly TV shows, songs. You just need to have the app open and running whenever you're watching TV or listening to songs and you'll earn points. These points can be used to redeem gift cards, electronics and others.

Download Viggle from Google playstore Here

6. ReceiptPal

ReceiptPal as the name suggest lets you earn money for doing something with your receipt when you purchase a goods. Take a photo of your receipt and you earn huge rewards on ReceiptPal, that's all that is earning money with ReceiptPal, so easy.
Each receipt photo you take earns you points with which you can Amazon gift cards.

Download ReceiptPal from Google playstore Here

7. ReceiptHog

Similar to ReceiptPal, same thing you do. Take photos earn points, use the point s to earn Amazon gift cards but on ReceiptHog you can request for a cash payout through Paypal. ALso you can also unlock earning points through survey on the ReceiptHog app.
Download ReceiptHog from Google playstore Here

At this point, you now know how possibly you can earn or make money with your android smartphone easily. The apps I listed above ranges from the ones that pay you doing little or nothing to the ones that pay you for doing something huge as going out to check price of goods at stores. The choice is yours, go for the app that does what you want.

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