How To Send/Share Apps Through WhatsApp

How To Send/Share Apps Through WhatsApp

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Ever since WhatsApp was bought by Facebook, it has grown both in number of users and in the features Incorporated in the text messaging app. One of these features is the ability to send files(albeit documents and media). Today I'll be showing you a subtle trick that'll enable you send apps and anyother file type through WhatsApp to any of your contacts.

How possible is it to send apps through WhatsApp since the only supported files are documents and media files? you'd ask.
Since the system doesn't scan the file being sent through WhatsApp, it won't be able to know if the file being sent is really a supported file type or not. That being said we would be fooling the system making it think the app we're sending is a supported file type by renaming it and changing the file extension to a doc, pdf or a media file.

How To Send Apps Through WhatsApp
While this is not entirely new its just a little trick you could apply to send apps or any other unsupported file through WhatsApp.

Here's How To Send Apps And Games Through WhatsApp

If the App we're about to send through WhatsApp is name game.apk we change the name to game.apk.docx.
That's how simple it is to change the file extension of a file or app. Once done the system would see our app as a doc file, from there we can select it and send through WhatsApp.
But this only works if we have the apk file of our app in our phone or memory card, in a case where we don't have the apk of the app stored in our device memory, all we have to do is make a back up of the one installed on our Android with the use of ES File Explorer. After making the backup we can proceed to changing the file extension of our app to '.docx'.

That's all that is required to send apps and games through WhatsApp to any contact.

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Wow! Never knew you could share app through whatsapp, this is my first time of hearing this,will have to try it to confirm...

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Hi Modurk,
Try it out, it works and remember You saw it here first :)

thanks for stopping by.


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