How To Activate Recycle Bin On Android

How To Activate Recycle Bin On Android.

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Have you ever deleted a file and after sometime wished you never deleted that file? or wish you could just go to the Recycle Bin and restore the file back? Of course we've in one time or the other wished we could restore our deleted files on android easily. This feature is already available on Windows and Mac computers. It is called the Recycle Bin. Basically, where we can go to and restore a once deleted file same way we do it on windows.

To create a Recycle Bin and learn how to use it is what this post is about. I'll show you how you can activate the Recycle Bin feature on your android for easy restore of deleted files.

To activate or even a create a recycle bin on our android we'll need to download the ES File Explorer app. It's no doubt that ES File Explorer is one of the best file explorer apps we have on android as it comes packed with many features, of which one is the Recycle Bin feature.

After downloading ES File Explorer app to activate the Recycle Bin feature, tap on the menu icon at the top left corner of the screen or you swipe from the left corner of your screen and a panel consisting of the different drop-down options would pull out, scroll down to the last which is 'Tools'. Tap on 'Tools' to see all the tools available on the app, scroll down to 'Recycle Bin', to the right of it is a toggle button. Tap on the toggle button to turn the recycle bin feature on, once done the feature is automatically active on your android. That's you now have the Recycle Bin feature on your android.

The next step is how do we restore deleted files or how do we locate them to be able to restore them back(from the recycle bin) to our android device after deleting.
Before I go on to tell you how to restore deleted files on android from the recycle bin, I'll first let you know how the android recycle bin works, what it does/can do and what it can't. The Recycle Bin on your android which we just activated cannot restore files you deleted prior to the activation, it also can't restore files deleted outside the ES File Explorer app(that is files deleted through default file manager or any other app asides ES File Explorer). The Android Recycle Bin can restore only files deleted through the ES File Explorer and to be able to restore those files we'll have to follow the same procedure we applied during the activation. This time instead of tapping on the toggle button, we tap on the trash can icon. Once tapped, the ES file explorer app loads all of your files it has in the recycle bin, from there you can restore them.

Since the android recycle bin feature functions same way as the one on our computers, we can say the recycle bin doesn't store the files in an imaginary storage, rather is stores them in the device storage. Which means the Recycle Bin also eats up device storage. It'll be advisable not to leave large file size there.

That's all with how to activate the Recycle Bin feature on android. I hope with this you were able to activate a recycle bin on your android as I also use it and it has been helpful.

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