Download Latest WhatsApp Apk With New Features

Download Latest WhatsApp Apk With New Features

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For sometime now, the WhatsApp android application has been receiving series of updates and new features being added to make texting cool and interesting on WhatsApp.
My regular visitors have always known that I don't write about each and every new update released on WhatsApp once it's out but till they're they've all been released(Though, there's no end to updates).
Some of the new features being added to WhatsApp since I last wrote about WhatsApp updates include:

- Changes in emojis/smileys
- Quote/Reply a partilce text.
- mention of a particular group member in a group chat.
- Quick image editing.
- Video calling(recently).
- and now watch video without downloading.

I'll explain a little what each of the new features added to WhatsApp does.

- Changes in empojis/smileys:This is self explanatory. those of us who've been updating our WhatsApp app noticed the change in emojis a while ago and some were in complaining the gun emoji was change to a toy gun.

- Quote/Reply a text: Nothing on this as we already know what it is.

- Mention A Particular Group Member- This feature allows you to mention a member of a group you're in by typing '@' and a list of names of members appears from which you select who you intend mentioning.

- Image Editing: Image editing feature has been recently incoporated into the WhatsApp app. You can now quickly edit image you want to send before sending.

- Video Calling: Audio calling has been available on WhatsApp for a very long time but has not been well adopted as some users complain of poor audio quality, though this might be network. The poor audio quality complains from users did not stop WhatsApp from adding Video Call to the official WhatsApp app.

- Watch Video Without Downloading: This feature has been available on GBWhatsapp for sometime before the coming of the feature to the official WhatsApp app. What this feature basically does is allow you watch videos sent to you without downloading it. Formerly, you'd have to download the video complete before watching. With this feature the download button on videos would be replaced with a play button.

These are the most recently added features on WhatsApp since I last wrote on WhatsApp. Though all of the features isn't available to all users they're available to beta users who can update their app from Playstore but if you're not a beta user there's a download link provided below.

Download Latest WhatsApp Apk

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