10 Ultimate Reasons To Root Your Android Smartphone In 2017

10 Ultimate Reasons To Root Your Android Smartphone 2017.

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Root, root, root. I get it, we should be done already with this topic already as you most likely know why to root and why not to, right? No. I still do get asked this same questions as what are the advantages of rooting an android? Or why should I root my android? Or even what would change/happen once I root my android. For that reason I writing The 10 Ultimate Reasons You Should Root Your Android asides the previous Amazing Benefits Of Rooting Your Android. The fact that android users still ask questions like the ones I mentioned, topics and debates about rooting your android or not would keep resurfacing, truth is the debates won't end just like the Android vs iOS debate. So, it doesn't matter the camp you belong to, the root or the no root camp, just share this post to your friend who just newly switched from iOS to Android so they could see the ultimate reasons to root their android and from their they can decide, root or no root.

Yes, rooting has it's disadvantages but looking at it very well, the advantages outweighs the disadvantages of rooting your android. That being said, I'll go straight to the 10 Ultimate Reasons To Root Your Android In 2017 which could also referred to as 10 Advantages Of Rooting Your Android In 2017.

  1. 1. Delete Bloatwares And Remove Preinstalled Apps
Most android phones come with bloatwares and all android phones come with some preinstalled apps, apps we don't need just get installed in your device without permission, was part is they're made system apps how then do you uninstall and remove them without rooting? Root your phone and you'd be able to remove and delete both bloatwares and unwanted preinstalled apps. There's a post on How To Remove Preinstalled Apps On Android.

  1. 2. Back Up Everything. Every Single Thing
Once Rooted, you can back every single thing up on your android, this back up is not backing up SMS, apps, photos or some other files. You get back up every single thing in your android including your system images, backing up system image is NANDroid backup. of course without root you can back up your apps and files but you can't do NANDroid back up which is backing up your system images that'll enable you restore your device should anything go wrong in future.

  1. 3. Retrieve Deleted Photos And Files On Android
Sometime ago, I did write on How To Activate The Recycle Bin Feature On Android, check it out if you haven't. JUst like activating the recycle bin feature on your android which enables you to retrieve any deleted file not just photo, rooting your android also provide such/similar feature letting you retrieve a deleted photo. With apps likeDiskDigger Photo recovery You can recover and retrieve all your deleted photos.

  1. 4. Improve Performance Of Your Android
After rooting your android, you have access to do pretty much anything your android can do, that includes overclocking the CPU of your device to improve performance on the android device. While this might not be very safe to do, there are apps that make it safe and won't do harm to your device. One of such apps that require root to improve the performance of your android device is No-frills CPU COntrol. Download it and you'd be able to improve the performance of your android after rooting.

  1. 5. Improve Battery Life
There's also a post on this site on How To Extend Your Android Phone Battery. If you need complete tips on how to extend your android phone battery check out that post. Like I said earlier, after rooting your android, you can do pretty much everything including extending your device battery, if you apply the No. 4 above, you'd see you can increase or reduce your device clock speed, once clock speed is reduced the battery consumption of your device reduces too. Asides this method, follow the link on this No. 5 to check out how you can improve and extend your android phone battery.

  1. 6. Personalize Your Phone
After rooting your phone can personalize your android device with the help of tools like Xposed Installer. Though the process of your Xposed Installer to customize/personalize your android requires some level of technical knowledge, your best bet is to the the XDA Forums. And also change your default emoji just like this How To Get The Android 7.0 Emoji On Older Android

  1. 7. Increase Your Device Memory
You can increase your device memory by making your Sd Card pose as the internal memory of your phone, thereby letting you install more apps than before. This can only be done once your android is rooted.

  1. 8. Install New Apps That Require Root
There are thousands of apps out there your non-rooted android device can not not run and as such there thousands of things you can do with that non-rooted android. Rooting your android opens doors for you to become an android power user maximizing the capabilities of your android with awesome apps that require root. some of such apps is Greenify, This is a very powerful android app.

  1. 9. Change And/Or Upgrade Your Android OS
Not every OEM out there offers new OS update for their smartphones, even samsung offers updates for select smartphones mostly their flagships. What then is the fate of other devices for which OS updates were not provided? Upgrading/Updating with the use of custom ROMs becomes the only options. Flashing Custom ROMs on android requires root access. There's tutorial for almost all android devices on how to install a custom rom. If you don't prefer the custom ROM method of updating your android check out How To Turn Your Older Android To Marshmallow Without Update.

  1. 10. Add Yours
There are so many reasons to root your android asides the ones I listed so you feel free to add yours and make it the 10th Ultimate Reasons TO Root Your Android In 2017.

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