Axe Clicker - Idle Dwarf

Axe Clicker - Idle Dwarf.

Axe Clicker - Idle Dwarf, idle dwarf apk download

Introducing this new game Axe Clicker - Idle Dwarf featuring Oswald the dwarf in Axe- clicker Idle Dwarf.
Oswald is the Axe clicking idle dwarf with an Axe. In this awesome game all you do is sharpen Oswald's axe, get him a new axe and buy am new skills while he keeps earning you more money by cutting down virtually anything he sets his eyes.

Oswald the idle dwarf on Axe Clicker - Idle Dwarf while on his cutting down spree cuts down dandelion, bamboo, Fort Know safe but not restricted to only these mentioned but any as I said.
Awesome part of Axe Clicker - Idle Dwarf is that you don't always need to be on the game while you're sleeping, eating, bathing or doing whatever you wish Oswald is busy earning you more money on the game. He doesn't sleep always making the game more enjoyable to play. Wish all games are like Axe Clicker - Idle Dwarf. You don't necessarily need to play all the time hence the 'idle dwarf'.

Features Of Axe Clicker - Idle Dwarf
Since Axe Clicker - Idle Dwarf is about cutting things down, there are actually 18 things to be cut but to get to them upgrading and forging new axe for Oswald is all you need.
Upgrades needed to get to the things Oswald needs to cut down.

- Fitness - Oswald the dwarf needs to be fit as it helps his ability to cut more trees faster.
- Forging skills - Once upgraded any tree cut get highly damaged as such earn a few more money.
- Sharpening skills - Better you are at sharpening, cheaper the forging gets, this is because once you can sharp an axe you can get the best out of it.
- Steel quality - High steel quality means stronger and more powerful axe.
- Multiple axes This simple and funny idle type of a game is all you need to start a day with a smile.
- Luck.
- Trade.
- lots more.

Axe Clicker - Idle Dwarf, idle dwarf apk download
Axe Clicker - Idle Dwarf, idle dwarf apk download
So what are you waiting for? Go get your dwarf and start cutting down stuffs to earn more money.

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