How To Hack Android Games Like A Pro In 2017

How To Hack Android Games Like A Pro In 2017.

You read that right, How To Hack Android Games Like A Pro In 2017. The ultimate way/method to hack android games like a pro in 2017 and the best tool to hack android games perfectly for unlimited money, unlimited coins, unlimited HP and unlimited SP(lots more too) is exactly what this post is all about. So fasten your seat belt android gamer as you continue on the journey to become your own boss hacking android games for more and extra features.

Some time ago I wrote on and introduced my readers to XmodGames an android tool that has been used to successfully hack various android games for unlimited coins, unlimited life, unlimited HP, unlimited SP and unlimited features.The XMod Games app still works till date especially on the games it has always been successful for. But that doesn't make it our concentration in this tutorial to become a pro in hacking android games for unlimited coins in 2017.

Asides Xmod games tool there's also Lucky Patcher which I've also shown you how to mod android games with Lucky Patcher, just like xmod games tool, lucky patcher isn't our key to becoming a pro in hacking android games, rather a combination of your skills in using Xmod games tool, Lucky Patcher and GameGuardian(which is our main app here) app on this tutorial would make you the android game pro hacker/modder you wish to become in 2017.


From the above you'd understand that there's no one app that can turn you into a pro in hacking or modding android games instead a collection and/or combination of a few would do good in advancing your android games hacking skills, so you don't always have to go online in search of mod android games. You do the modding yourself like a pro.
This tutorial is about GameGuardian android game hacking tool/app, since we already have articles on hacking android games using the two other tools I mentioned earlier. GameGuardian is really not a new app as it has been around for some years but not everyone has heard of or know how to use it to hack games on their android. That is what this Game Guardian tutorial is going to address.

Before going on to How To Use Game Guardian To Hack Android Games let's see some of the features and requirements of the latest apk version of the Game Guardian android app.

Features Of Game Guardian Android App

Runs on ARM, x64 and x86 devices, including x86 emulators (BlueStacks, Droid4X, Andy, NOX, Memu, AMIDuOS, Windroy, AVD, Genymotion etc.)
Supports Android 2.3.3+ (Gingerbread) through Lollipop (5+), Marshmallow (6+) and Nougat (7+).
Game deceleration and acceleration (speedhack) for ARM and x86 devices, including x86 emulators. Also supports 32-bit applications on 64-bit devices using speedhack.
Search feature: encrypted values.
Search of unknown values when specifying the difference between values.
Explicit and "fuzzy" numeric searches
Supports: Double, Float, Qword, Dword, XOR, Word, Byte, or Auto data-type searches
Modify all search results at once
Filtering of search results (address greater than and less than, value greater than and less than)
App locale for over 90 languages
And, much, much more
Requirements Of Game Guardian Android Game Hack Tool
Android 2.3.3+ Gingerbread and above- Your android needs to be running android version not earlier than Gingerbread 2.3.3

Root- Your android needs to be rooted there are various methods to root different android games.( Also see Ultimate Reasons To Root Your Android In 2017)

How To Hack Android Games Using Game Guardian
Make sure Game Guardian is running (doggy icon will be translucent on screen)
Open game and find value you want to change (cash, HP etc)
Press icon, search tab and press search and enter the number
Go back to the game and change the value in some way (gain money etc)
Go back to GG and search again for the new value and your results will be narrowed down
If needed, repeat steps 4 and 5 until down to very few results.
Long-press on value and enter the desired value. Go back to the app and the value will be changed.
Basically, the above are the instructions you need to hack any android game using game guardian but it goes more than that a bit, with continuous testing on different games and apps you'd get a hang of it and how to use it like a pro.

Should you have problem using Game Guardian or hacking any game with it try checking out the game saves section of their site to get data you can apply to hack your game easily. Or even the MOD apk section to download already hacked apk.

To get more help on using the Game Guadian android game hack tool and also ask more questions, make use of the comment option below or consider registering at their forum.

One thing you need to know is; Without Game Guardian You're Played By Games With Game Guardian You Play The Games Even In Your Own Rules.

Download Game Guardian Apk

Having learnt how to hack android games with Game Guardian, now apply this with that of lucky patcher and xmod games and you're a pro when it comes to hacking android games.

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