Android O Makes It Easier To Add Custom Ringtones And Notifications

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Android O Makes It Easier To Add Custom Ringtones And Notifications

how to easily add custom ringtones to android o

Preview of Android O is out already and developers/testers are already getting a feel of what it is and how it works. Just like every other (then)newly released android versions, Android O comes with it's own characteristic features and one of them is making the process of adding custom ringtones and notifications easier and easier.

Nicest thing about this feature is you can add your custom ringtone to android O not with the use of third party apps but right from your settings menu just as seen in the image below.

android o custom ringtone

from the image above you can see that the custom ringtone is not just available to your regular in-coming call ring tone but also messages and notification tones.
Now that you've seen in the new coming Android O you can easily add custom ringtone and notification tone without the use of third party apps or connecting your android smartphone to your computer, the next is where you can h=get such custom ringtone you can add to your Android device. Melofania is one of the places(sites) you can get custom ringtones for your android.

While this is mot the only feature on the new Android O, it is worth mentioning that it'll make using android a lot easier and more customisable.


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